Springtime Neutrals Outfit Inspo

It is officially Spring identity crisis time! This is NOT a drill people, we are at full alert! Warm and sunny? Chilly and cloudy?? Threatening to rain but maybe just a lingering fog??? Everyday is confusing, and checking the weather doesn’t always help. Sometimes the weather app will predict 80% chance of rain, so you wear your rain boots, which are mega uncomfortable because ALL rubber boots are, only for the sun to peak-a-boo out sometime late in the afternoon after you’ve already paraded around like the morton’s salt little girl (need a fact check: is she wearing boots? or just has an umbrella?) The most horrifying part of this scenario is that you wasted one of the few early spring days in which to wear your super cute transition spring clothes!

So here is a quick transitional outfit I put together after shopping the super fabulous Zara Sale

A Good Place to Start: If you’re like me, you’ve purchased too many items and it can be hard to figure out what you’d like to wear first. Well, if you’ve read my past post about how luckily, sometimes, it all just comes together then you know that owning clothing in similar tones will definitely make getting dressed easier. I purchases this sweatshirt online and found the skirt in store. I’ve been obsessed with the paper bag waist skirts and pants since I’ve first seen them, so for $15.00 I knew i needed it. And, yes, one is more millennial pink — the sweatshirt being more taupe (or “ice” as they call it). But I wanted to wear them together… so tying it all in was the only thing to do.

[ Zara – Extra Lark Sweatshirt sale SOLD OUT | Oversized Sweatshirt Trend | Shop Same Skirt Different Color Online ]

Take a Risk: It would have been easy to throw on nude pumps, nude open toe sandals, or to even explore the sneaker trend and then pair it with a nude toned bag to keep it all monochromatic. But I got these fabulous little transition booties and I knew I wanted to tie them in. they are the exact shade of the sweatshirt, so I knew that my only obstacle would be to tie in the luggage colored strappy details in the shoe with the rest of my outfit. What I’m about to do will revolutionize the fashion industry So as a simple solution I dusted off my old luggage tote that is my go-to neutral and just so happens to be the same shade of luggage as the shoe details. VOILA! Luck, or fashion savvy?

[ JustFab | Direct Link To Buy ]

No, I know this isn’t the most groundbreaking of outfits. But dressing for transition is harder than it looks when you factor in temperature, weather, comfort and audience. Yes open-toe booties seem like a no-brainer, but if you work in a mega-corporate office that doesn’t permit funky items… then what? (message me I have amazing suit recommendations!) So if you’re in the type of office that lets you play and have fun with clothing, like mine, then we are seriously lucky.

Below are two simple outfits that I threw together with my other Zara sale find and trusty wardrobe staples.

[ Zara – Soft-Touch Sweatshirt $11.45 ]

This first look was what I through together to keep it Casual Friday Cool at the office (and not give away the wicked hang over I was nursing).

This second look was what I wore on laundry day. The comments for this picture were hilarious on Instagram. People were asking who dresses like this to go to the laundromat?? WELL… what I want to know is, how often do you wash clothes that you have anything comfy left? haha seriously! yoga pants and leggings are the first things I run out of. So it was either 1 of my 2 new sweaters and “last nights” leather skirt…. or my prom dress. And I don’t think my pineapple-yellow tulle dress would even zip up at this point. So here you have it.

I hope your spring transition looks are as easy and fun as mine!

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