Trend Spotting: Seeing Stars

Whether you religiously follow bloggers, regularly scroll the explore page, or accidentally stumble onto the OOTD hashtag… you’re bound to notice the latest trends.Knock-off Gucci fur slippers? Floral bomber jackets? Blush anything? Yep. All there. And every blogger looks to wear it and style it their own way.

Another trend that is heavy on the scene is star print anything. I’m literally seeing stars ba-rum-pum-Chhhh! Shoes, pants, tops, jackets, jewelry… ANYTHING. Which brings me to my star trend items… pantyhose.

How do we feel about the word pantyhose? Is that like a grandmother thing? Its how I feel about the word pocketbook … I don’t know. It seems very Abuelita-going-to-church kinda thing.

So anyway… star tights??

A Good Place to Start: When sampling a pattern trend REALLY look at it. Do you see yourself in it? If you’re in an actual store hahaha just kidding those don’t exist anymore, right? try it on. Look at yourself in the mirror. If you like stars but aren’t very loud in your style then find something that has the slightest sort of peek-a-boo quality to it, like either of these two tops [ Opt 1 or Opt 2 ] or maybe stick to a small accessory like this fabulous little backpack or this amazing belt

If you’re loud in your style, then do I even really have to tell you what to do? Because you probably already own something like this Zara Jacket and I want to borrow it… or maybe less shiny and more knit-y like this that I don’t want to borrow, but maybe just have? Or maybe you’ve REALLY got’em seeing stars with something like this and nothing more than little nipple pasties. They (ambiguous term for anyone you encounter) will be looking like Ronda Rousey in no time.

I wanted to keep my stars simple. I found these start print tights on Amazon and I really fell in love with the free two-day-ship them!

[ Amazon: direct link to buy ]

Take a risk: Lets talk about mixing prints again — It’s rough, It intimidates me, and I usually hate it. I threw on my camo sweater (that has seriously gotten me through the dark days of winter) and I know its not exactly mixing patterns… but it still sort of is. Star print nude panty hose with camo-print sweater. Yep, I count two there. Maybe it was the easy way of mixing prints — but you won’t dim my starlight! (see what I did there?)

Play It Safe: Okay, I’m not the best at math, but let me school you real quick youngin’

black or nude tights + black dress = safe

So black AND nude also equals safe?? Wait… lets stop the math right now, and I apologize.

Yes. It’s safe. And I’ve already written about the Superstar (more stars, egh?) Adidas sneakers which are staple in the fashion game right now. So a simple denim jacket also made it super casual. I’ll have to do a OOTN post with this dress. I got it on clothesenvy a few years ago and completely forgot about it. So stay tuned.

Have Fun With It: Stars are fun! Trends are fun! They are fleeting and that’s why you have to enjoy them while they are around. You can’t be the person wearing a trend that is already out (unless you really identify with the trend — then who is anyone to stop you? But you can’t earnestly say you’re on trend if you’re, well, not). A good indicator is when the market is overly saturated with a particular item. Do you know exactly when the lace-up trend became a thing? No. But you definitely know it’s everywhere. I added a shiny star detail in my choker. I didn’t post this to ‘the gram because I’m not going to allow pervy DM’s to happen without you at least visiting my blog and getting my number of views up just to show you a choker.

So maybe they’re a little loud. I enjoyed them — while they lasted. I put my fingernail through the tights already and I accidentally ripped the choker. I would replace them, but I might just wait for the next trend. #RIP

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