Blogger Territory

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Hashtag NYC. Hashtag New Jersey. Hashtag Fashion. Hashtag Blogger.

Blogging in a city feels a lot like a turf war. Are you ready for a rumble? Sometimes in can be a pissing constant in a steady stream flowing from all around you. Um, ew — gross. You want to blog about a super hip new bar? Guess what, you’re not original because everyone else already did it. Want to talk about your new leather jacket? Good look having it seen on anyone’s feed or on the explore page. Your new black and studded stunner is just an article of clothing that next to none cares about except for your grandma and your ex’s Aunt who for some reason likes everything .

Okay, yes. Those are some super negative vibes coming from a blogger. Bloggers are supposed to be nice and upbeat and extremely positive. Well, a lot of that is fake — and highly unrealistic. The struggle to stay positive, let alone sane is overwhelming.

Working right by Madison Square Park has it’s perks. Its beautiful when the weather is nice and the Flatiron building is a NYC icon. But geo-tagging the location feels like a waste. Barely anyone sees anything because it’s so over posted and crowded. I feel like a tiny chihuahua* trying to mark my territory in a dog park full of Dobermans, Rottweilers, and German Shepherds.

So what is the solution?

Form a tiny dog gang with other small breeds and take out the giant bastards one by one!

That is a hard question to answer. To grow an audience I’m working twice as hard to find new places, I break my monthly budget buying new pieces to show, and I find myself being way too upbeat when my actual demeanor is slightly surly and oozing with sarcasm and disdain. But maybe this is a good thing. I’ve always enjoyed finding new places and experiencing new trends — and God only knows my friends and family would like me to be a little nicer.

I’m going to keep my little legs running and pissing around all over town until then. Maybe it’s more of a Pokemon situation and I’ll eventually evolve after some hard earned experience points. Until then, you can catch me in the much less crowded pond of Newark, NJ.

[ I’ve always considered myself much more of a cat than a dog: picky, independent, kind of a jerk but still affectionate, and pounce-y! ] *


Daily Prompt – Territory

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