OOTD: Embroidered Jeans

I believe it is officially pre-transition time. Wait, what? Transition time is the semi-annually limbo in between seasons. It comes in September when it’s too hot to wear your new hounds-tooth wool coat, but too cold to be bare but not ever too cold to be a bear and fluctuates in the spring time. I’m going to go ahead and throw it out there that transition is pretty much in late April/May, when the rainy season ebbs and the days are longer and sunnier. So what is pre-transition? Pre-transition is something that has only been happening lately can someone call Leo, I think it’s global warming.

Have you noticed the wacky weather we’re having? Sunny and 60 degrees one day, and 30 degrees and chance of snow the next? What is this? Its like an episode of LOST, because there are no answers to be had. So, I’ve upped my closet rotation to include a pre-transition. Basically, I’m a nut job with not enough closet space I weed out the thick holiday type sweaters that are too bulky and uncomfortable to wear under coats and add in a few lighter pieces to compensate for the warmer days.

The only flaw in my plan here would be if The Zombie Apocalypse FINALLY happens winter made a full-fledged come back and I put all the bulky snow gear into storage already. But have I ever told you about my weather-super powers? I don’t get rained on at the beach, and I don’t get snow unless I want it. You’re welcome citizens of Earth, I usually use my powers to balance out the weather — but like I’ve stated before, disturbance in the force there is. Sith Lords dress better.

So here is one pre-transition outfit that is also a transition outfit, because why lie? The pre-transition is basically me over thinking.

A Good Place to Start: Embroidery is my obsession right now. I love it in skirts, tops, shoes, bags, and obviously jeans. I chose these girlfriend (not quite as loose as a boyfriend cut) jeans with fringe bottom. The embroidery trend is seriously on everything though. So analyze your closet and see where you need a trendy piece. I’ve been lacking in the denim department, so I chose these babies. The fringe is an added bonus because it’s also hardcore trending right now. But, again, look at your closet. Maybe you already own too many jeans. Then don’t get these. Maybe opt for a over-sized denim jacket with embroidery. The trend is pretty much on everything, so I leave it in your hands to make an informed decision based on your own closet.

[ Shein or direct link to buy ]


On Repeat: Clear Booties. I love a good Lucite heel. I really do. Do your feet sweat? Yes. Is it preventable? Sort of: Rubbing Alcohol, antiperspirant, talc powder, and poke extra holes into the plastic with a pin. It helps, but you’ll still sweat. Think of them as trendy little feet saunas a risky but well worth it piece. They go with everything. They fit into my pre-transition/transition wardrobe because they are booties, but not heavy.

[ Feetomatic Shoetique or direct link to buy ]

This was a simple look, I hope you take the ideas that I’ve shown you and make them your own. I’ve previously written how embroidery needs to be paired with an outfit that is otherwise toned down. But that is for a safe look like this. If you want to mix floral embroidery, camo, and leopard print — and can figure out a stylish way to do it without looking a hot mess, please let me know. I love outrageous outfits.

King Kylie Shay?

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