Teeth Whitening Review: Smile Brilliant

Teeth whitening is a chore.


Teeth whitening is a chore. Most methods are a hassle and an inconvenience. Going to the dentist? Does anyone actually like going to the dentist? Not only do you have to take time off to schedule an appointment – it can also be super pricey.

Whitening strips? Those are uncomfortable and taste disgusting. They never seem to stay put on your teeth either.

And sorry for those hardcore believers – I’m not big on home remedies.

So needless to say, when Smile Brilliant contacted me about an opportunity to test out their teeth whitening kit – I almost turned it down. My mentality was basically like what’s the point? I’ve had braces on and off for years and the thought of having to test out anything dentistry related was kind of a turn off.

But then the Smile Brilliant team really explained to me how their at-home kits really work – and I went for it.

The kit arrives with 2 base pastes and 2 catalyst pastes that you mix together to make your in-home impressions. Not going to lie – it’s uncomfortable (not painful); but one must be strong in the pursuit of a fabulously white smile.

After you send your impressions away, and when your custom fitted whitening trays come back is when the real fun begins. OKAY. I must admit that I messed up during the whitening stage. I was whitening about once a week (for about an hour) and I just wasn’t seeing results. I consulted with a rep at Smile Brilliant and they helped me get my whitening on track.

I started whitening about every other day for about an hour and a half – and VOILA! My teeth transformed from “teeth color” to brilliantly white.

A few tips:

1. Order the kit now and have dazzling little fangs by the summer time

2. Don’t sit on whitening like that pile of clothes that just sits on the treadmill you swore wasn’t going to turn into a clothes hanger. Really do it. The retainers are practically invisible and you can whiten at any time…. Like *aghem* when you’re on the treadmill, perhaps? Because it’s molded to YOUR teeth, it’s not uncomfortable at all.

3. Use the desensitizing gel. I thought it was just for keeping your teeth from getting sensitive – apparently it really helps to lock in the whiteness as well. Big thanks again to the rep for explaining that to me.

4. They didn’t tell me this buuuuuut, maybe avoid staining foods immediately after whitening. I found that I didn’t have to change my lifestyle at all during this process — but rather safe than sorry, I think.

5. Maybe wax your mustache before taking your before/after pics. *curse you Latina hair genes*

In the end of the day – I’m super glad I did this. Teeth whitening isn’t always fun during the process but the results are insanely worth it. A huge thank you for the sponsorship from Smile Brilliant – their in home kit really makes the process so much easier and better.

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