Lazy Girl Shawling

Trends are tricky. If you’re anything like me, you find yourself looking at an endless stream of social media in utter envy of the looks that people are putting together. How did they even come up with that? Sometimes I’ll even mentally kick myself for not thinking of a combination first. Because, as a blogger, isn’t that what it’s all about? 

No. It’s about the trips to Dubai

Perhaps I wasn’t entirely clear of who I am as a fashion blogger. I’m not so much an innovator, as I am a curator, of sorts. I choose and manage what works for me in my real world and what I am comfortable with. Because certain trends are not for everyone. *cough* cultural appropriation. But I really enjoy seeing the ideas of other successful and beautiful bloggers and then making them my own. So here is a quick outfit I put together to run out for coffee with a girlfriend. (Hi, @fashionessablog!)

  So this trend is what they’re calling shawling. Its when you take a top, blouse, or jacket etc. and drape it over your shoulders. 

My initial thought? Hell Yea! I will not be constrained by clothing norms.

My second thought? Oh shit, it’s chilly.

My third thought? This is kind of uncomfortable, and if I move too much, the shirt rises back up to my shoulders and my boobies are exposed. boobie flashes for likes!  

I felt super trendy, albeit uncomfortable. Still though, the outfit gave me another opportunity to wear my wide brim fedora and tip it low over my face — all incognito like. (you walked in to the paaaarty, like you were walking on to a yacht…)

And yet — I have wanted to do this look for a while; but I suspected the possibility of discomfort, didn’t want to deal with the cold, and wasn’t entirely sure how to style it. So alas, I put it off. But this look was quick and effortless in the end. Which outfit with black skinny jeans isn’t, though?


A Good Place to Start: A button up top at least one size up. I went with this rusty velvet top because it was love at first site. However, the print and color don’t matter. That is all personal preference. Although, my second choice was a light blue and white striped button up in a light fabric (is it spring yet?). And please, everyone, be proud of me… budget allowed for one and I actually only purchased this one. This one allowed me to wear it right now — instant gratification being the only thing lacking from online shopping. So perhaps, in the spring, I will have the other one to show you. Also, this top looks bomb worn normally too.


What you’ll wear over and over again: Black skinny jeans. I picked up this handy little pair for $9.99. Yes, I went with the cheaper version because I am money conscious and poor savvy. There are no front pocket — which is annoying. But I guess for the price, something had to go (at least they’re not crotchless). And personally, I’d give up pockets any day (maybe).


Take a Risk: Try a fedora! Not the skinny brim ones that make you look like Britney Spears circa the cover of her Blackout album. Please, for the love of God, leave those where they belong — In a trashcan in 2007. But the wide brim ones are literally everywhere right now. If you’re nervous about spending money on something you’re unsure about, try one on in person. Then, if you think the shape is right for you, go crazy online with patterns and colors! (no, don’t — or do. I’m not your mom. I won’t tell you how to live your life). 


On Repeat: Black loafers from Nine West. Okay — i’m not big on Nine West. For some reason I find them to be in the “almost” realm (almost sexy, almost cute, almost trendy…). But they are, if anything, sensible. I found these loafers at a Century 21 store. They definitely won’t be there, but maybe something similar can be found? Regardless of where you buy them, just be sure they are comfortable. This particular pair is slightly hard on my heels.

[NINEWEST at Century 21, Morristown, NJ] 

I know following a trend can be scary. Everyone has their insecurities. It’s hard to wear something we think will accentuate what we want to hide. Don’t be overwhelmed — trends are fleeting, only style lasts. But there is no better way to develop your own personal style without trying some at-the-moment trends. Start here, with exposed shoulders. I dare say you’ll find this trend a gateway to try more daring things! (Mixed patterns?)

Seriously, I am proud of myself for trying something. Maybe you think that I look stupid and you personally hate it. Well, I suggest you at least try it at home, in front of the mirror … maybe even with the curtains drawn. Because if fear of looking stupid is holding you back, you should stay in the dark. But join me out hear in the open, whenever you’re ready. I won’t judge you for looking stupid — and especially not for trying something new.

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