Healthy Weight Home DNA Test

Okay… “this year, I’m getting fit” is my go-to line every year. Do I do it? No, not really. I have had better years in terms of weight and cardio endurance — but I inevitably always fall of the wagon and straight into a pizza party.

But this year, I’ve been better. Am I a fitness goddess? No. Not yet. But I’ve been making better food choices and I have been more conscious of my caloric intake. I also have a better understanding of my own body thanks in great part to HomeDNA and their healthy weight DNA test. I was lucky enough to have one sent to me (Thanks Lipton Publicity!).

Basically, you take a quick swab of your mouth and send it to their lab. Then they email you the results. You get a detailed analysis of the genetic markers that most influence your weight. Apparently my disposition to losing weight with Diet and Exercise is low I could have guess that but my protein rating is enhanced yayyy is pizza a protein?

So now, I know what food types are the best for my body and the ideal work outs for maintaining my healthiest weight. It really did take the guess work out of figuring out what best works for me. As a novice to healthy living lmao I’m not kidding i’m a junk food lazy ass junkie I found this super helpful.

The kit is easy to register online and is available at CVS, Rite Aid or on their website homeDNA. For a limited time (until 4/30/18) they are running a promotion. Use code HW50 and get $50 off the price (normally $119).

This is definitely worth trying for the personalized work out plan alone! I hate working out. The only walking I do is to the liquor store and back. To be honest, going to the gym is usually overwhelming because I don’t even know where to start. But the report tells me exactly what to do every day of the week. Super helpful.

Thank you again Lipton Publicity and HomeDNA!

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