Eyelash Extensions – 2 Weeks Later

I’ve always been lash-extension curious, because I’ve always been attracted to thick, long, and beautiful lashes. Not to bash on my own — but as I’ve previously written (here), they are long but stick straight out in front of me — not my ideal.

So when Melisha, owner and lash artist of Naturally U Lashes WEBSITE reached out to me for a collab — I was both thrilled and apprehensive.

For the past several months I have been getting them curled, which I love. But a perm does NOT make your lashes any fuller than they already are. Nor does it add length or style. It is merely enhancing what you already have. So although the curl can be dramatic — your own amount of lashes and their natural lengths are all you have to work with.

Sure, for some that’s perfect. I think it achieves a beautiful natural look (usually). What it doesn’t do is add DRAMA. It doesn’t give you the full and thick flutter affect toodaloo muthafuckassssss flapping away from your bullshit, now. It doesn’t make you wish a bitch would look glamorous 24/7.

But like I said, I had my reservations about it. But Melisha was great. She described the process to me in and walked me through each step of the way. Apparently our own lashes just fall off, and that’s usually why you lose the extensions and will need a fill every 2-3 weeks. The extensions don’t actually rip out your own lashes (which I was most afraid of). Extensions, much like the perm, will enhance what you’re already working with. If you have exactly THREE eyelashes, that means that you can get exactly THREE extensions put on. Sure, those lashes will be longer and fuller, but do you want just three long ass lashes? But don’t be too concerned with that. Melisha is brutally honest and will tell you exactly what will be for you. (aka she won’t add 18mm lashes if they don’t go with your eye shape.

(Excuse my stupid facial expression, thanks!)

So all-in-all, I had a wonderful experience. For starters, her space is super clean ( you will wear a hair net). She has a great eye for what works best. And I cannot reiterate this enough — she is honest. She does NOT want your money if what you are asking for will have you looking like a clown and tarnishing her rep. She is conveniently located in Springfield and Belleville, NJ as well as Lauderhill, FL. See her website for more information.


  1. DO NOT. I repeat, DO NOT WEAR ANY MASCARA. The removal process is brutal, and extremely time consuming. And if it doesn’t all come off, she might send your ass home if her next appointment is arriving. So again, NO MASCARA. In fact, no eye makeup.
  2. If you don’t already have an eyelash brush, get one. They do require some work — like brushing and keeping them clean.
  3. NO MASCARA EVER– even after they are done. They will rip them out!
  4. No oily products. Oil does not mix with the glue. You will needlessly lose lashes.
  5. Keep them clean. A little baby shampoo goes a long way. And a foaming pump (although I admittedly didn’t do this)
  6. Don’t think you’re going anywhere for AT LEAST an hour or two (or more depending on what you’re having done). This process is time consuming.
  7. Don’t be set on a certain design type. Really let her look at your eye type. She knows what she’s doing.

I hope you guys consider the extension process. I’m writing this post two weeks after my initial appointment, and they’re still going strong. Here is some #selfie proof. 🙂


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