Faux Fur Jacket Obsession

So I recently came across this little black faux fur jacket, that I cannot get enough of. It was purely accidental too! I went into the store looking for a holiday dress and it’s the only thing that stood out to me. Don’t you love when that happens?

I’ve worn it with a skirt and patterned tights, jeans, dresses, over sweaters, over t-shirts etc. I haven’t been able to stop. I’ve linked a few of my other faux fur faves. Let me what kind of winter gear you’re feeling this season!


At MSG with former NY Knicks player John Starks


Faux Fur Coat
Shein – $28.99

Shein white faux fur long jacket – $37.00

Shein Faux Shearling – RED $34.00

Product image
Express Faux Fur Jacket – $84.99

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