Festival of Life by Yayoi Kusama

Whether you’re all the way Uptown or chillin’ down by the World Trade Center… you’ve probably bumped into the endless line at the David Zwirner Gallery which seriously never starts or ends its just an endless loop of people trapped in hell.

Is the line intimidatingly long? Yes. But you know what is hilarious, getting there, waiting for hours (after planning to do so) and then watching the people casually stroll up to the door… oblivious to the fact that there is a 4 hour wait. “Whaaaat? That’s the line??” After which they decidedly turn on their heels and go to brunch with their friends instead.

So yes, the line is long. Yes, it’s cold. But I rolled up to the gallery around 9:00 am (one hour before opening) and my wait was just about 2 hours. So, I really suggest getting there around 8:00 am (2 hours before opening) and waiting on line with your friends unless you don’t have any. Bring some coffee and jameson and bailey’s  with you… that way, when the doors open you can get in and out and be sipping mimosas by 11:00 am.

There isn’t a review I can give you that hasn’t already been written. But here is the one I read prior to going. One of my favorite Blogs, Mad Hatters NYC — David Zwirner Post.

The exhibit is beautiful. Yayoi Kusama’s “Festival of Life” really is worth seeing. It’s a shame that the experience isn’t what it should be because of the pressure to get an instagram pic, and time constraints (seriously, you get 1 minute for the one room and 30 seconds in the next).

2 thoughts on “Festival of Life by Yayoi Kusama

  1. Thank you so much for the mention! ❤️ I LOVE your pics! The wait was painful but definitely worth it, I’m smiling just looking at all of these. Instant mood brightener!

    And girl, you’re totally rocking those plastic shoe covers 😉

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