My SHEIN Wishlist

I’m an impulse shopper and a sucker for good marketing and glitter. Which is a terrible combination for my wallet. But sometimes, I’m also the outfit shopper. I always feel way more responsible when I shop this way. And i’m going to tell you why.

Outfit Shopper (noun): A person who buys articles of clothing with a specific corresponding article in mind.

Lately, this is exactly who I’ve been and who I’ve tried to encourage others to be. Instead of impulsively buying a pair of slacks in an unconventional color, I’ll stop and think add to cart because life is shortDo I have a top that goes with this? If the answer is yes, then it’s a no brainer — Especially if I can think of a few scenarios in which I would wear them. If the answer is, no, then I’ll either focus my efforts in finding a piece … or just move on to something that better suits my needs.

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to these pieces. But it’s for the best. A great way to keep track of the items of your heart’s desire is to add them to you wishlist. Not all websites give you the option to create a wishlist, but it’s super handy when they do.

My current online sensation is Shein.comAlthough I am, without a doubt, guilty of impulse shopping from here (i.e. Outfit #1, #2, #3etc.), I do really enjoy seeing all my options on one screen. So, I thought I would share with you all the items on my current wishlist.

Outfit #1

Casual plans — Movies? Lunch date? Laid-back dinner? Brunch plans that your friends made you swear you weren’t going to over-dress for?

Solid Velvet Overalls  Striped Tape Side Slim Fit Mesh Top  

× Black Velvet Overalls $25.00
× Stripe Mesh Top – $9.00
× Beaded Snake Slides $33.00

Outfit #2

My 9-to-5 is very casual for a law firm. This is something you’d catch me flaunting to my self at my cubicle.

Rolled Hem Drawstring Plaid Pants   White V Back Drop Shoulder Sweater  Zip Up Block Booties WHITE

× Drawstring Plaid Pants – $15.00
× V-Back Sweater – $20.00
× White Bootie – $32

Outfit #3

I love the idea of being able to change the vibe of an outfit with the slightest change. This is a perfect day time outfit that can quickly change to night time with some heeled booties or pumps. Easy, meet chic.

Frayed Hem Ripped Jeans V Neckline Fur Cuff Sweater Embroidered Velvet Slip On Loafers

× Ripped Jeans – $19.00
× Faux Fur V-Neck – $22.00
× Velvet Slip on Loafers – $27.00

Outfit #4

Nice dinner plans? Thanksgiving? Strutting your stuff? Grocery shopping?? who cares. This outfit is dope… wear it and don’t stop wearing it.

Striped Velvet Wide Leg Pants   Star Print Bodysuit  Pointy Toe Cylinder Heel Boots NUDE

× Striped Velvet Palazzo – $30.00
× Star Bodysuit –  $12.00
× Nude Satin Sock Boot – $39.00


I’m not going to find outfits for these jackets. Any one of these can be used over and over again with different outfits. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing jeans or joggers, a bodysuit or a t-shirt, booties or sneakers … each one of the jackets below is a statement on their own.

Star Print Faux Fur Hoodie Coat Star Print Hooded Coat – $47.00

Contrast Faux Fur Sleeve Open Front Cardigan   Faux Fur Sleeve Cardigan  $29.00

Color Block Faux Fur Open Front Coat   Color-Block Faux Fur Coat – $54.00

Slim Fit Double Breasted Blazer   Red Blazer – $28.00

Epaulet Detail Buckle Belt Hem Suede Jacket   Grey Suede Moto Jacket – $48

My Impulse Buy

Like I said earlier, I’m really trying not to buy clothes on a whim — Buuuuut I do have a birthday coming up. I said to myself, finding any justification for buying this skirt .

Star Flock Mesh Skirt  Star Mesh Skirt $11.00


I’ll be totally honest now. This isn’t even my full wishlist. I just wanted to share some of the items that I thought were really special and outfits that would be easy and stylish. Definitely check in SHEIN for all of your shopping needs. It’s where I usually start for all of my outfit inspo. Happy shopping!

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