29 Rooms by Refinery 29

Okay, I know I’m writing this pretty late. 29 Rooms in Brooklyn has been over since September 10. If you didn’t get to experience it, then I strongly suggest setting an alarm for tickets next year. But if you’re in Lose Angeles … then you’re in luck! Tickets have just gone on sale for the extended dates of December 14-17. What are you waiting for…. buy them NOW. 29 Rooms LA

Here are some tips:

  1. By tickets immediately when they go on sale
  2. Arrive EARLY. Although the line to check tickets and get inside moves quickly, there is way too much too see in your allotted time slot. Sadly, my sisters and I did not get to experience all the rooms.
  3. Pick your lines. I’m pretty sure you won’t get to see it all. Make sure that you don’t waste time in rooms you didn’t care for too much — just to get a mediocre boomerang.
  4. Everything is amazing. There is not ONE thing that you can’t touch and interact with. Sometimes you need to put the camera down and enjoy them.
  5. Building on #4, keep your camera handy though. There are photo-ops everywhere.
  6. There are also celebrities everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled.
  7. Be considerate of others. Everyone has to wait in the same line as you do — time is limited in each room, so grab your pics quick. Remember that the people behind you want to hurry up and go to the next one too.
  8. All you will be doing is standing/walking. Try and be comfortable.
  9. There are some freebies. Have some room in your purse/pocket.
  10. Have fun. because I couldn’t bring myself to leave the list at 9.

Below are pics of my experience. You’ll definitely catch me there next year!

Creative Director Crush – Piera Luisa
















All Business for the ‘gram.




When you’re Trash… but still kinda cute.





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