NYFW ’17 Day 5

I need to circle back to the weekend, but that is a way lengthier post which I’m slightly too hung over to write at the moment. So let’s focus on yesterday.

Day time:

I wore a striped top half-tucked into a black denim skirt. Half tucked because that’s what cool girls do I think…

Top: $9.99 from Romwe. Buy it here. Also available in red and blue.

Skirt: $9.99 from Romwe. Buy it here. Also available in light denim.

Leather Blazer Elizabeth and James a few years ago. I don’t remember the price.

Similar Looks:

  1. $120 Crinkled Grey Leather Blazer
  2. $195 MM6 luggage vest (not so similar but i’m hungover and its a great piece)
  3. $279 Quilted Blazer

The Shoes were a $15 find at an Easy Pickin’s Store in Elizabeth, NJ. I would have worn my red booties that I have been living in, but a classic pump (with a block heel) created the more seamless look I was trying to achieve (not draw attention to my feet and chop off my legs, making them look shorter).

For my nighttime look I opened up the top and let the titties flap free to show more of my lingerie bodysuit underneath.

The Art Hearts Fashion Shows were amazing. I have some short videos and pics of my favorites here, but unfortunately my phone died and my best friend hasn’t sent me the ones she took for me yet bitch.


The after party was at Le Souk. Good times, amazing and beautiful people maybe, I was drinking.

I’m going to go track down a slice of pizza now. Later bitches.

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