NYFW ’17 Day One

I’m going to do something very unlike me… I’m going to post daily and on the fly. It’s New York Fashion Week, which can get pretty hectic. I want to post my outfit pics, tell you what they are and let you know of cool things happening this week. To do that I have to do quick informative posts. I’ll save the witty sarcasm for my less busy days.

Day One: The relaxed “boyfriend” outfit.

This is my menswear inspired look. Though I did significantly tone it down from where I drew my inspo: Gigi and Zayn “gender bending” Vogue shoot.

Women’s Boyfriend Blazer: $34.99 at Target.

It’s from their new line “A New Day,” which is super adorable.

On my wishlist from the new line:

  1. Leopard Booties – $34.99
  2. Plaid Top Coat – $39.99
  3. Olive Tweed Jacket w/ Varsity Cuff – $34.99


Block Heel Sandals: Beyond the Rack $5 last year at their end of season blowout sale.

Boyfriend Jeans: ASOS from a few years back, I want to say $30, but I don’t remember.

Shirt: H&M sale find, no longer available. Shop similar at $19.99

Bag: Found in store for $4.99 at Rainbow. Shop similar tassel saddle bag online in luggage from $14.99

Eyeglasses: Dash Frames for $15. Total $21.95 with lenses.

That’s me fleeing in terror as cars honked and drivers yelled. Note the people behind me totally keeping their cool. -__-

Me: These pics are going to turn out great!! 😀

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