The Jord Watches

I remember seeing wood watches years ago and thinking how cool they were. Unfortunately, I was on a college kid budget and reluctantly hit the “x” button on the browsers. Being broke and wanting everything is rough.
But fortunately for my 20 year old self, I was contacted by Jord Watches with a chance to partner and collaborate with them for an opportunity to bring you guys a chance to win $100 towards their super stylish watches.  With this company I seriously wish I could enter My own contest and get a second watch — but I’m going to restrain myself. 

The watch I got seriously goes with everything. It’s so amazing. And let’s be honest — we all have that void that was caused by the death of Michael Kors watches. (I still own my mine. They’re in the closet with my Uggs). This is where you need to visit Jord. They have a plethora of style and colors and metals. There is something for everything. 

I took it with me on my flight to Ecuador

Because if you have time to catch feeling then you definitely have time to catch flights.

And if you have time for flights and feelings you definitely have time for a glass of rosé rosé all day

I wore the watch throughout the trip. It went with every look I wore it with, which is one of the biggest reasons I love it so much. Plenty of people stopped me to tell me how great it was. This collaboration was THAT amazing.

Please go and check them out. There is something for everyone. They offer so many different colors and metals. 

Now I’m going to get back to my friends bachelorette celebration (with #LillysLastWilly)

The Men’s Shop
The Women’s Shop
Mine ❤

Wooden Wrist Watch

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