OOTD: Cheap Summer Dress

Okay…. I’m going to have to write this out, because if I don’t I’ll regret it.

iiiiiiiiiiiiiii like cheap clothes and I cannot lie.
You other bloggers can’t deny
that when a sale comes through
with a code & free-ship you get SPRUNG
Web-sale got it going on,
A lot of designers won’t like this song…

I swear, I will never reference Sirmixalot in this manner again I wrote, knowing full well that it was a lie … because I’m long and I’m strong and I’m down to get that cheap shit on.

So let me get to my point now. As the title suggests — I have a cheap summer dress that I adore. I’m no stranger to cheap clothing…

2 for $5 canvas sneakers from odd smelling corner store? Gimme.

3 for $10 tanks from random neighborhood stores? Mine.

Rite aid selling dad-sweatshirts? I want.

I think I’ve blown more people away with my finds at the $5 Shoe Factory (Ferry Street, Newark) and from Rainbow than any of the designer purchases I’ve made through skipping bills and running from responsibilities my hardwork, sweat, and tears. But this little number I found in the basement of one of those questionable little corner stores for $4.99.

Did it have shoulder pads? Yes.

Was it in the old lady section? Also, yes.

Did it have a sister style in different color? Yes…. but I tried to stay on budget (lol).

I love finding pieces of clothing like this that are slightly questionable in design and then just chopping them up a bit to make them my own! When I got home I immediately removed the shoulder pads and cut the side slit a bit higher call me Shayla Scissor Hands.

I threw on my highest and brightest heels to match the flowers and I was lucky enough to have the same shade of lip color.

Heels from the $5 Shoe Factory (Ferry St, Newark NJ)
Lip – Kylie Lip Kit in Dirty Peach $29.99

Here are links to shop similar cap sleeve floral dresses in multiple prices ranges:

Moda Operandi Darby Dress — $2,900

Diane Von Furstenburg — Org $628 Now 314

Neiman Marcus Shoshanna Norwalk Dress  — $695

Shein.com Yellow Flutter Cap Sleeve Dress — $31

Shein.com V-neck cap sleeve floral dress — $21

MakeMeChic.com — Floral Print Wrap Dress — $23.90

I hope you enjoyed my insanely inexpensive floral print dress. It’s such an easy go-to for hot summer days.

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