Black Mask Glow Review


Inspired by the Daily Prompt: Chuckle… because I just had to chuckle at myself when taking these pictures.

I was recently approached by @BlackMaskGlow and asked to post about the mask in exchange for a free bottle. A free face mask? Count me in! Say no more fam.

Let me begin by saying — this works, but it’s a bitch. Its not like those soft cucumber masks that feels a lot like peeling off Elmers glue from your hand as a kid. This really sticks to your face to capture all the dirt deep in your pores. It doesn’t help that I also have long talon-like nails at the moment that made peeling it off harder. And, to be fair, I accidentally left it on longer than the recommended 20-30 minutes because I was caught up watching Pretty Little Liars on Freeform everyone has had a turn to be A but me like wtf.

Here is a particularly gross strip from my nose.

All those little white dots are white/black heads. Ummm, gross.

And here is me drinking  rocking the mask.

If you go on Black Mask Glow and use promo code FREEMASK, you can try it for free! My skin felt great after and it continues to today. I hope you’ll all give it a try!

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