OOTD: Floral-ish Print

Lets take a quick moment to talk about floral print… when your style isn’t all to “lady.”

Are you a feminine style maven? Are pink roses and frilly silhouettes your thing? Cool. But let’s be real. That is not for everyone. Floral print is not just flowers everywhere. There is a vibe that each print and article of clothing emanates.

Example One:

Floral Print Dress from Mango

Floral pattern dress | MANGO

Doesn’t this feel really pretty and feminine? You can wear a dress like this to a Bridal Shower / Baby Shower / Brunch / Church … or you can make it casual with the ongoing white sneaker trend — it doesn’t make it any less lady-like, just casual.

Example two:

Floral Embroidered Mesh Top from Shein


Sure, it is obviously a women’s top — but the exposed bralette and see-through mesh just gives it a bad-ass quality. When the chances of a nip-slip increase drastically, people tend to be more of the what flowers? mindset.

Which ever is your preferred floral vibe is A-Okay! And who says you can’t subscribe to both anyway? I’m certainly not wearing example two to church or afternoon tea with Grandma — but I’m also not wearing option one out to a bar at night.

So where am I on the floral scale? Probably  around where I also am on my political one — somewhere in the middle. I can appreciate the ferociousness of a women that would wear the mesh top with no bralette and posts pictures saying #freethenips! … Cool. But I can also see the allure of looking ultra feminine and straying from the street style wear. So, I guess not a communist and not a right-wing extremist. 

Let me quickly show you my process for floral (somewhat debatable) print.

A Good Place to Start: Really identify what you like about floral print. Look at my examples above. Believe me, you’ll probably be meeting me somewhere in the middle. And that’s fine, it’s a cozy place to be. Like I’ve said, I’m not too froofy in my style — and I don’t go so far into street style that it would ever give me all access street cred word. So I went with this Isabel Marant floral print dress. The ruffles aren’t pink chiffon — which is definitely not me; and the floral print is dark and the colors are just bright enough. No, I have never seen a grandma to have these curtains so don’t even make that lame-ass joke.

Keep it Safe: Pick a style that also goes with other things you own or will shortly own there are some good sales out there people! This is not a drill! . These Ancient Greek Sandals are super chic and comfortable and go with everything from a floral dress (such as above), denim (as pictured), and skirts/shorts too use some imagination.

Take a Risk: I don’t mean this so much in risking it all all in on black!. I more of less mean play around with accessories. A clutch that matches the tone of the flowers? Absolutely! A choker that makes it a little more casual? I liked it. Drop earring that add some sass? Maybe! Put those babies on and see how you feel. Be careful not to overdo it. Floral is already in my humble opinion (IMHO) heavy on its own. Unless the occasion is formal avoid plain pumps, they tend to dress things up. Avoid mixing other florals — and If I have to explain to you why that clashes then e-mail me (sunday_shay@yahoo.com) and I will break it down for you.

As everything, I encourage you all to not be shy and try prints, cuts, and styles that are out of your comfort zone.

As Mother Theresa said, how can you say there are too many children? That’s like saying there are too many flowery dresses! , but I may be taking some poetic license with that quote. Below are some other floral styles I absolutely love!

Zara floral camisole Dress – $69.90

Make Me Chic – Rose applique dress – $12.90

Make Me Chic – V-Neck Floral Wrap Dress – $25.99

Missguided – Bell Sleeve Cherry Blossom Dress – $70.00

Clothes Envy – Floral Lace Bomber $24.00

Clothes Envy – “La Isla” Floral Maxi Dress (Out of Stock but I love it so I’m on the waiting list)

Zaful – Off Shoulder Blue Striped Top with Floral Details – $20.49

Zaful – Off Shoulder Black Sunflower Dress – $16.99 which I just ordered šŸ™‚

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