OOTD: Overalls

It’s starting to feel like spring time in New Jersey finally, and the sunshine is giving me major inspiration to put together outfits. Yes, I’m always blogging about fashion — but I will admit that it’s harder than it looks to put together an outfit as opposed to just getting dressed. An outfit is not something you throw on to run out of the house — an outfit requires some thought. And while some seasoned bloggers and stylists put these thoughts together faster than others –throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt isn’t so much putting together an outfit as it is merely just getting dressed.

And that’s fine. I’m a believer that if you own good articles of clothing, then getting dressed is easy. Owning good things makes it fine to just get dressed because your only options are already great. If you own good jeans and simple but good quality t-shirts then you’re not going to look any better or worse than that. If you’re pulling on raggedy denim and stolen t-shirts from some old college hookup a free t-shirt you don’t even remember getting then you’re not going to look any better than just that. So be careful about your athleisure clothing. Good items are the difference from looking casual and looking raggedy. Thinking about every single element of your outfit and making it all work together is the difference from working an outfit to wearing clothes.

A Good Place To Start: Owning an pair of overalls for an outfit with overalls would probably be the best place to start. But now what kind are they? pants? shorts? midi skirt? is it more of a pinafore style? I snagged these overalls and got lucky — I didn’t even feel like trying them on. I had originally been looking for dark and distressed denim in a boyfriend cut. But the light color of these really just made me ache for spring. A good indication that you should buy something is if it makes you feel something. Your clothing is something that you’re purchasing with your hard earned money. Not putting thought into your style is practically an insult to yourself and your time and to my eyes.

To Take a Risk or to Play it Safe? this is tough. So, to put some outrageous print top under the overalls? Maybe a batwing cropped sweatshirt so you can throw on a baseball cap and sneakers and just #streetstyle. Sure, that’s one look. Or you can do a cap sleeved ribbed white t-shirt like I did here and throw on these fabulous little booties to keep the whole look springy, light and transitional.

Let me know if any of you have any overall outfits! I’m hoping to style this one differently next time.

8 thoughts on “OOTD: Overalls

  1. I have been debating on whether to get some overalls or not. Love how they look on other people, like you, but not sure if I’m too old and just not that cool for them, lol…

    By the way, I found you randomly and realized that you are also from Jersey!

    Awesome blog 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What! Overalls are not an age exclusive item! If you’re worried about them looking funny then go with the darker wash and a relaxed fit. Wearing them super casual should be easier! Yessss! Jersey Girl Bloggers unite!


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