OOTN: the pajama trend

I’ve lately noticed that people are moving away from the notion that fashion and couture must be painful and uncomfortable. Work out gear is now chic and stylish, and oversized sweat shirts are being worn by fashionistas world wide.

Personally, I still haven’t been able to shake the beauty is pain thing. because it is, grandma called, she wants her kitten heels back. In my heart nothing will replace a classic stilleto with an insane pitch and I’m aways going to choose the uncomfortable bra that raises my spirits.

But there are some comfort for fashion trends that I can totally get behind. Oversized sweatshirts with heels? Hell yes! You want jogger pants? I own twenty! but who cares? No big deal, I want mooooooore . Which brings me to the Pajama trend. I was iffy about this. I’m not wearing anything out that’s not edgy and stylish, or so I tell myself. Who is going to invite me into VIP wearing a slouchy relaxed satin pant?

I had seen the the pajama top thing on a number of fashion bloggers. One look seen here by a close friend of mine Fashionesaa. So I knew I had to try it…. but I decided to go full on bottoms-up see what I did there? . Enter the pajama pants!

A Good Place to Start: pick out whether you’re a top or a bottom. Wait, what? Are you going with the pajama blouse as a top? Or will you get a pair of pants? I obviously went with the pants. I chose the champagne color because the dusty rose I wanted was sold out  I instantly fell in love. I’m not going to lie. These are legitimate pajama pants. I went on amazon and searched pajama pants. The only filter I needed was to get something Prime eligible.

Pull it Together: I needed a nighttime outfit. Nothing says more ootn to me than something black. So I started going through my black tops. Sure, I could have bought something… but I was just trying out the trend and didn’t want to invest more money than I had to, just in case I hated it. I don’t actually remember where this top came from probably a drunk online shopping binge. But I’ve had it since last season and the straps definitely give it a night time edge. To finish off the look I threw on my favorite Barbara Bui jacket that I’ve already told you about.

On Repeat: Choosing shoes for an outfit is tricky. The comfort as fashion thing can’t be the whole outfit. In fact, if you’re trying to pull off something like pajamas, then go the polar opposite in everything else. Choose shoes that will give you  Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That rather than Bananas in Pajamas when you’re coming down the stairs. Capisci? So I went with my my ankle strapped black-to-clear ombré block heels (clothesenvy from years ago). They never fail me, are more comfortable than they look and made the outfit nighttime with all the black starkly contrasting the champagne colored PJ pants.

Take a Risk: Sure, pajama pieces in your outfit are already a risk… but sometimes the bigger risk is drinking and blogging adding a trending piece into your look. Not only do you run the risk of looking back on your pictures with your future grandchildren and them straight up roasting you for your past choices; but you also run the risk of what I like to call, over exposing your outfit. Just too much. It’s when you have a super chic look happening and you add ONE thing that totally kills it. Other similar situations are

  1. Fabulous neckline with the wrong kind of jewelry.
  2. Killer heels with the wrong cut of pants
  3. A clutch that doesn’t flow with the outfit
  4. A patterned or funky jacket that ruins the look
  5. A statement belt that should have just kept its leathery mouth shut

Of course there are many other situations of outfit overexposure but only #3 pertains to my outfit here. I went with the patchwork clutch bc the colors looked pretty cool. I didn’t mind that it was funkier than everything else, I thought it gave it a little something extra like a pink scented resume .

Whether or not you choose to try out this trend is obviously up to you. I hope I convinced you, though! Because at the end of the night I really was feeling myself and got plenty of compliments. People were even asking me where my pants were from. LOL, if someone asks you where the store “the nightstand” is… that was my doing. I can really be a total troll.

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