OOTD: When it all comes together

I’m totally guilty of impulse buying items that I LOVE. But sometimes, the ones we love the most are the ones that hurt us. I like to buy statement shoes. And to be my own devil’s advocate, they do look pretty dope. But one the minus side, they can be hard to pair with clothing you have at home excuse to go shopping though YAS.

Have you ever purchases something excessively glittery? Something in a tone hard to match? A seasonal item that has no business in your closet? So much wine that the liquor store clerk asks where the party is at, but its all you…. all you.

I’ve been a little more guilty of all of the above than usual. I’ve purchased items because they caught my eye — not because I needed them. But hey, we can’t take our money with us right? So after getting my shiny brand new items, I’m often left wondering — what now?

It might seem obvious. You wear it of course. But how? Spoiler Alert: I’m a fashion blogger I’m about to show you.

This outfit has two items that I just purchased. I didn’t have a plan for either of them. Shiny metallic fur slippers and a powder pink faux fur coat. I did not buy them with the intent to wear them together — but by chance, they worked. I think they have a very romantic hue about them that I liked.

A Good Place to Start: pull out your basics not your Ugg clad friends at starbucks. Jeans are always a good start. Black? No. too dark for the coat. And the weather has had me coveting pastels. White? No such luck because they’re you’re summer body size. Okay. Normal denim it is. I went with the jeans that have not failed me this season. The ripped denim with cutouts have been my saviors. (read V-day Inspo pt 3 ). I would have gone with any medium dye plain denim in skinny as well.

Identify Common Factors: They’re both furry? Yes. So it would behoove me to stay away from any other furry objects I was already sexually assaulted by a tiny dog that was very enamored with my look…. and leg. They both also had romantic type tones. The metallic was more lavender that silver, and although the light of day makes the coat look white, its a light powder pink that looks almost foggy.

Pull it Together: The outfit, not your life… although it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. When you’re pulling a look together with new items it’s better to pull each one out and wear them in the mirror. I’ve learned through experience that what you’ve thought in your mind is not always the best. I originally was going to pair this with a taupe/grey tank top. It was too plain. Then I pulled out a basic dark grey cropped (slightly) mock neck long sleeve — too dark. I went with an icy off the shoulder top — that I accidentally ripped. So alas, I dug deep into my closet and found this printed oversized sheer top. This basically was plan D lol. But I ended up liking it more than anything else, and by accident.

Here I am perfectly relaxed because my outfits build themselves…. And if you don’t believe … EXHIBIT B!

Here is the powder pink coat again — the impulse-buy culprit that has been rapidly becoming a staple.

This is an outfit I wore to a friend’s super fabulous NYC wedding. It was black tie (for real, not the fake kind where you can get away with grandma’s pearls. Because at this wedding even grandma was wearing diamonds and sequins. YAS!)

I’m not going to break everything down like I usually do. But I bought this striped full sequins piece (Parker via GITO millburn ) maybe about 4 years ago, and finally wore it for the first time. But It was soooooo me and I had to have it.

The Shoes? Also and impulse buy. Bought them about two years ago and this was the 2nd time I wore them. Also sooooo me. Have I mentioned I’m a sucker for gold and glitter?

So the lesson here is that buy unchecked on impulse is a good idea and always works sometimes, its okay that you splurged. NOT if you skip rent or bills or have children to feed and the fur clutch is going to break the bank. But otherwise, live a little. Everything is going to be just fine. At least that the feeling I get when my outfit woes solve themselves.

Stay boujee friend.

[ the wedding was amazing. #duffystateofmind on IG if you need serious wedding inspo. ]

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