Valentine’s Day Inspo pt 2.

Most people don’t want to stay in on Valentine’s Day. And hey, I get it! It’s a day that was literally assigned to be mandatory wine and dine day! Although I enjoy a good at home date as much as any other girl take me out and show me off damn it… what do I do squat for?? I really enjoy giving into the hype.

I can’t help it, okay?

Flowers? Yes please. (peonies)

Candy? Chocolate.

Dinner? I like steak.

I’m really just a sucker for an occasion to dress up — especially anything themed. I’ve put together two other looks for Valentine’s day that will serve any purpose but staying in (or it will, I don’t know your life)

For the girls that don’t wear red —

Red is a harsh color. And, at least to me, it can be intimidating. You can dabble in the pseudo neutrals of the berry and cranberry tones… or dive straight into the citrus tones that lean a little towards orange. Fire engine red? Careful, you might end up looking a little too patriotic. make fashion great again!

I chose this dusty taupe velvet dress. I think it has a hint of lavender going but I’m basically colorblind so I paired it with pink and nudes Make America Nude again!. I know I’ve mentioned in the past about mixing prints — which is difficult. But mixing nudes is something I find to be equally challenging.

Shein ]

If someone talks about beige like its one hue… then you have my permission to bust a cap school their ass!

Nude can be yellow toned or pink toned. They are very different. Please pay attention to the undertones of a “beige” item before assuming that you have something to match it.

The leather jacket – as I’ve said before – is an investment piece, I have literally owned this jacket forever. This nude leather jacket has carried me through everything. This one does NOT have pink tones — as opposed to my clutch, dress, choker and shoes. But I think that is precisely why it worked. Everything else was related somehow, and my jacket is the only piece that pops.

[ Veda – from @gitomillburn but close to 7 years ago.]

I just couldn’t resist this clutch. If you’re like me, you find yourself saying this about 100 times a day. It just makes life easier, because you’re SO over it.

[ Local Rainbow  find]


Let’s also keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday! (womp womp). So this look is easily taken from day to night!

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