Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspo – pt 1


Happy Groundhog’s Day!

And with the arrival of this furry little rodent weatherman we are either catapulted onto the Spring time fast track or into the disparaging pit of a prolonged winter. I don’t know about any of you, but I am ready for warm sunshine and light jackets.

However, in all of the spring fever and anticipation it’s easy to overlook the fact that it’s winter… and it’s still cold outside! The dreamy promises of spring can make us forget a very important holiday, until it’s too late!

Valentine’s Day

Sure, nobody actually forgets about Valentine’s Day — how can you, really? Stores are bursting with teddy bears and cheap heart shaped chocolates and hallmark cards expressing the bland sentiments that men find hard to express. barf.

What I mean is, it is easy to forget that you have an occasion to plan an outfit.

Whether you’re coupled up and just looking to Netflix-and-chill, or you’re a strong independent woman (or man) who don’t need no man (or woman), Valentine’s Day is still coming! So over the next few posts, I will be posting some outfit ideas for you to take and make your own. After all, staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t be festive clothing optional #wink; and being single doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate (Treat yo’self — Post to come!)


A Good Place to Start: A comfortable pair of pants. Why not try and step your game up from just regular leggings or a pair of sweatpants? These khaki green cargo pants are comfortable enough to throw my hands in the air and waive them like I just don’t care. Wait, what? cuddle on the couch with Bae while watching a movie. They are also adorable should you decide to run out for pizza. Because like Drake said, you can have my heart, or we can share it like the last slice. <B (that’s a pizza slice btw.)

[ Local TJ Maxx find ]


On Repeat: This off the shoulder sweater I have worn to death all season. It is one of my favorite pieces. It is so easy to style because you can wear it low off of both shoulders for some added sass. Or, you can just let it fall off of one to give the i’m paranoid and looking over my shoulder too-cool-to-care how this fits vibe. Its warm and comfortable too. What can be better than cozy plus a little bit of skin flashing for Bae’s eyes only?

[ Direct link to buy – ]


Take a Risk: Gold sneakers are not much of a risk. Especially when it’s more of a brushed gold than a BAM in your face yellow variation (seriously, they go with everything). But, if it V-Day. Why not be festive? If you’re just staying in all boo-ed up, or even if you’re having a rom-com binge fest with your besties, why not play into all the festivities? I have these pink leopard socks [Betsey Johnson and, truly, they’re ancient. I’ve had them for years. Thumbs up for quality not diminishing through endless wash cycles and sock-clad dance parties] that I decided just to throw on for the heck of it. They ended up picking up the color of the sweater nicely. I enjoyed the hearts and fun of it. But funky socks aren’t just for festive occasions. They’re really everywhere now. They can be seen with polished oxfords and power-suits as well as with open-toe platforms and dresses.

[ Sneakers from Zara on sale – no longer available ]

I hope you have fun putting together a casual V-day look! Remember, comfort doesn’t have to mean raggedy and style doesn’t have to mean pain. Find a balance that will suit whatever you have in store for the night and add festive and funky pieces.

Do groundhogs eat nuts?

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