OOTD: Lazy Sunday 

I’ve written in the past how it’s easy to fall into lazy habits. I should know, I’m very guilty of this. I’m guilty of lazy, wasted days and just hanging around in my pajamas. Then, at the end of the night I’m so mad that I wasted the entire day! 

So I vowed that even low key Sundays will not be wasted days. I swore that my baggy and faded sweat pants would only used for seduction cleaning! And so far, I’ve done pretty well. 

Ignoring the allure of my vintage old juicy couture velour sweats was difficult. I wanted to be comfortable! I wanted to curl up on the couch and binge watch Breaking Bad! So my mission became to put together a comfortable but still stylish outfit!

My next mission was to find something to do that was not a boozy party brunch and wouldn’t break the bank! Going into NYC was also not an option because I commute everyday for work — and if the title and my whining didn’t give it away, I was feeling too lazy to take a train or sit in tunnel/bridge traffic.

A Good Place to Start: Identify what you actually want to wear. Sweat pants were out of the question, and if I was going to leave the house I would need to wear pants laws are arbitrary. If it weren’t so close to laundry day I probably would have opted for leggings (I’m weak). So I went with a comfortable boyfriend cut pair of jeans.

[ ASOS ]

But where was I going to where these perfectly sensible jeans to? What sort of adventures did I want to get into? Perhaps something gratifying, fun, and relaxing? Obviously I mean gratuitous amounts of alcoholic shenanigans shopping.

[excuse the poor photo. Too much light or too little light in the shop]

I ended up taking a little road trip to New Hope, Pennsylvania. From where I am in Northern New Jersey it’s just under an hour’s drive. I’m afraid that as this time, being winter, the drive is not as pretty. Driving out west normally has bright sunlight and rolling hills and mountainous peaks of green. But it’s my favorite in the fall when the leaves begin to turn. 

I’ve been to New Hope a few times. I absolutely love it! It has such small town charm full of little boutiques, antique shops, and amazing restaurants. The picture above was taken in an antique shop just off of Main Street. My apologies, I didn’t get the name of it because I was hangry and distracted. Yes, that is a stuffed black bear in a top hat by the way… 

speaking of hats…

What You’ll Wear Over and Over Again:  Everything in this outfit is extremely versatile! The red tote bag is extremely handy. Red is a sort of pseudo neutral and I wear it with so many things. Plus it’s one of my favorites to tote around anything and everything! My cream cashemere sweater I’ve worn with everything from skirts, to dress pants, and like pictured here – denim! Good cashmere is practically everywhere. You can buy a trusted brand like Autumn Cashmere that will run you a bit more money; but I’ve also seen good cashmere on the racks of stores like TJ Max and Century 21. My suggesting would be to feel it out, make sure it’s not scratchy like wool, and get a good fit! If there is a clear shoulder demarkations make sure they are where they are supposed to be.

My camel blazer I got from an Aunt. It’s totally vintage and totally fetch. 

And the loafers! They’re Isabel Marant and I was love with the tassels at first site. They go with practically anything and are so comfortable — which fit right into my lazy Sunday plan minus the multiple mimosas while watching Netflix in my undies.

[ Isabel Marant via Vestiaire Collective ]

Take a Risk: Although I was comfortable and felt good about the blazer, tassels, and pop of red, I still felt like the outfit was lacking a little sum’ sum’. That’s when I decided that I wanted to add the fun factor. I rummaged through my tee shirt drawer and came across this camo crop top I wore once and forgot about have been looking to incorporate into more day to day looks. I really liked the way that the camel in the camo was picked up by the camel blazer.

My Sunday Funday was great! I had wanted to relax and only after I got home did I realize that I was more relaxed after a nice drive, some antique window shopping, and a great bowl of Lobster Bisque from a restaurant in a former church named Marsha Brown New Orleans.

You know what they say, retrospect is 20/20. If I had stayed home and wasted my day watching nonsense television I would have gone to bed unfulfilled and contemplating all the cool things I could have done jk I’m not cool and then slightly hated myself.

So my mini adventure made my day worth it. I met new people, ate at new restaurants, had drinks I had never before, and all on a whim! Next time you are bored and not sure what to do take a drink drive somewhere! Talk to strangers even though your parents always told you not to. Try a new restaurant. Or venture into a vintage shop! It worked for me!

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