How to be Extra

I am always being called extra, and I must admit that it’s true. I’m a sucker for glitter. My heart melts for gold. And if it’s furry or colorful I want it. This can’t possibly be a bad thing, right?


There is a way to do extra that won’t have people snickering behind your back but screw them anyway. It’s okay to be extra in your style, and it’s definitely okay to be over the top. But how much is too much? It’s hard to come up with some examples… but this immediately comes to mind:


Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake of NSYNC (Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

It is too much when the first reaction is “WHY?” If an outfit only creates more questions than answers… you’ve wandered too far into dark territory. But it’s hard. If it were easy and acceptable, nobody would play it safe! Fashion would not exist and we would all be normcore by default.

The extraness within must be properly cultivated. Unless you’re looking to just explode on the scene:


But I’m going to make an assumption here and guess that you’re not an international pop sensation with millions of dollars and a meat suit in his/her closet especially not in a silence of the lambs kinda way.

So here is my way of adding some everyday extraness into your wardrobe.

A Good Place to Start: buy something that you really like online or that you’ve seen on someone else. This will be the type of item you see and think that is so adorable, but it’s really not me… really? Is it really not you? Why? You liked it, didn’t you? A jewel encrusted clutch? Hold it. Just see how it feels. Do you feel all shiny? Then, get it. That tingly feeling you get is the ancient spirits of Extra awakening your bougee soul a clear indication that you need it. For me, it was these burgundy fur stiletto booties. Was my wardrobe suffering from lack of red colored faux fur boots? No! Is anyone’s? But I really wanted them, and knew I would be able to work them into other outfits.

Fashion Effects Store – no longer available ]

However, one item ‘extra’ does not make. Like I’ve said, it’s a lifestyle. So You need to work it into everything you do.

I was going to wear a pair of black skinny jeans. That would be an obvious and safe pairing. Burgundy and black match. Black skinny jeans are a basic piece, then the shoes will pop on their own? No. That’s not me.

Enter the embroidered skirt.


Sure, jeans would have been safe. But life is short and so is my skirt and how many chances will I actually have to be able to wear an embroidered skirt? Also, the threading picked up nicely with the red of the boots. I’m actually not much of a red fan. I feel like its a bit too in-your-face sometimes; but this season I’ve been obsessed with the wines and berries i’m always obsessed with the wine. I really wanted to get more into the powder pink — but that will be going forward into spring. Burgundy is a fall/winter color.

Shein ]

On Repeat: plain old fashion pantyhose. They always make an outfit look trendier. Also, you don’t look foolish walking around bare legged. Save your bare legs shave your bear legs for evening wear and special events.

[ I shouldn’t have to tell you where to buy these, but I bought mine at Duane Reed – 3 pack for around $5 ]

Play it Safe: Normally, my next category is called “Take a Risk” but being extra is all about taking risks. So now, it’s time to play it safe. The outfit already has a lot going on, so now it’s time to keep it simple. I chose this 3/4 wide sleeved plain black top. It does have a little something extra going on. It has criss-cross-ing straps on the chest and is also ribbed. Just my little way of keeping the simple also interesting.

Shein ]

Where I could have gone wrong: Blogger, oh blogger… how art thou excessively extra?? Let me count thy ways!

  1. A crop top
  2. A corset top
  3. Fishnets or patterned tights
  4. Patterned shoes
  5. Leggins under the skirt
  6. Anything under the skirt
  7. Any top that almost flashes boobies
  8. Any top that is way too tight
  9. Pantyhose with control tops that you can see when you sit/bend over
  10. Skipping undergarments
  11. Not wearing make up
  12. Any statement jewelry
  13. A burgundy top to match the shoes
  14. Anything that would match the shoes
  15. An embroidered top regardless of it being the same pattern or not

I can go on and on, but hopefully you get the gist of what I mean. Feel free to comment any questions

This way to drinks fashion…

Maybe my definition or interpretation of extra is too vague. Urban Dictionary defines it as unnecessary behavior. That sounds like it was defined by people who need a little bedazzling in their lives.

If you’re like me, you’ve always had this spirit inside of you. Ask yourself these simple questions to determine whether you’re extra AF or not.

  • When buying anything, do you opt for the glitter/animal print/bejeweled option?
  • How did you feel about Kylie’s glittery new lipkit?
  • Do you want to walk into a room an immediately stand out?
  • Karl Lagerfeld?

If your answer was YAAAAAASSSS to the above, then congratulations. You are Extra AF.

If you really had to stop and consider anything… you’re probably basic a healthy balance. But life is short… so, buy the top that you will only be able to instagram once! Strut around in fur shoes like you own the place! Flash around your bejeweled accessories like shiny little disco balls! Unabashedly embrace all of it!

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