The Winter Lull

We’ve reach the  point of deep winter that is sleepy, dead, cold, which can lead to  falling  into lazy trends. I should know, I’m the KWEEN of the safety fall backs. 20 degrees out? Suddenly, the ripped jean/fishnet trend will turn into thick cotton sweat pants, Ugg boots (yes, I still own some), and a giant grey hoodie that says MILLER TIME across the chest from my days as a promotional model (You can call me, Frumpy_Shay)

So, I get it. I know it’s hard to choose those black leather Isabel Marant boots you considered an investment piece at the beginning of the season over your comfy Ugg boots (remember those boots, it was a September purchase? When the lingering warmth of the summer was fading into a pleasant autumn and you swore you were going to slay the winter months?). But now, I ask, what makes you feel better? I can’t speak for anyone else, but I feel more awake, alive, and productive when I choose the good outfit. Putting myself together makes me feel like I’ve already accomplished a small task. I feel like I’m taking care of myself and it makes me feel pretty damn good.

So for those winter blues, I’ve put together a few simple looks to show how easy it is to look adorable, cozy, and effortlessly amazing. Many of my looks are pieces that I’ve owned forever or that I’ve stolen from my sisters have been in my closet longer than I care to admit. So I’ll share where I’ve gotten any new pieces, or at least a brand or website to point you in the right direction.

A good place to start
: a coat you actually want to wear. I’m obsessed with the wine colored faux fur. Several different designers and brands have done this style this year. There is a plethora of colors out on the market. But burgundy is like a pseudo neutral — and I’m on a budget.


What you’ll wear over and over again: a plain turtleneck. I don’t care what year it is, turtlenecks will always be around. Audrey Hepburn was iconic in 1957’s Funny Face, you can’t even picture Steve Jobs wearing anything else, and can 90’s fashion even be referenced without bringing up the turtleneck? Medieval knights wore chainmail turtlenecks for fucks sake. And if one garment is good enough for Audrey, Steve, and the good knights of the round table– then you need to own at least two (black and white). I’m sure there are many more turtleneck references, but I digress. (Sterling Archer’s super chic tacktleneck in varying shades of dark black).

[Picked this up at a local rainbow store. There are obviously other brands out there and better fabrics — but for what I needed, this was perfect and within budget]

A trending piece: over the knee boots — these have come and gone and come again on the scene. They are everywhere this season, and being so versatile, comfortable, and warm… I would strongly consider buying a pair.


Take a risk: the tights were a bit of a risk. I wasn’t sure if I would like the sporty stripes once they were on (thick thighs, thin patience), but I have to say… I thought they were really fun! Fun is important in these drab months.



On repeat: the white turtleneck. I recommend buying more than one. No one likes the person that actually smells like a turtle.

The new/old: the sleeveless sweater. I bought this years ago and it never fails me. I had it knotted here to show off I’ve been squatting.



On Repeat: the same over the knee boots. Like I said, versatile– but only because of the color/style. If you opted for the crushed powder pink velvet– you’re on your own. They’re great (and if you already own them, I’d like to borrow them so I can stunt on the ‘gram) but they may not feel so trendy next year when something new comes out. So be wary of the trendy items.

The new/old: I ordered this flannel dress at the beginning of the season. I’ve worn it a total of two times, not quite sure if I regret the buy yet.



The basics I posted here are just quick and easy picks for getting through the winter drab. Maybe these items aren’t necessarily your style — and that’s obviously okay. Maybe you don’t like my outfits/advice at all. But the point of my post is that you have to find a your version of my parka. You need to own a coat that won’t feel like an obligation to wear. Maybe you have always wanted to try the super minimalist look. Or maybe you’re the normcore type. Whatever, Just go for it!

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